Debbie Bohling - Coordinator/Administrator

Debbie began working at Career Development in 1997.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in English/Education from Purdue University.  Debbie truly believes that Career Development is one of the best benefits available to U.S. Steel's USW represented employees.


Although we offer a wide variety of courses, what truly makes our facility work is our experienced administrative staff and committee members:


Local Joint Committee Members


                               Local 1014                                                       Local 1066                                                  Management
                       Gus Atsas - President                                      Mark Lash- President                                Jason Rodriguez - Co-Chair
                       Mark Sakon                                               Ruth Bussey                                                                                                                                                   Charissa Childers                                            Dave Griffin

                                Local 2695                                                      Local 5133                                          District 7 - Sub-District 5
                       Ercell Keil - President                                   Shawn Willis - President                               Staff Representative
                       Shelly Shahbaz                                              Pete Smith                                                     Charva Jones - Co-Chair
                       Ron St. Myers