Tuition Assistance

USW Members at US Gary Works are eligible to participate in the Career Development Program. In addition to customized classes, you are eligible for Tuition Assistance.

Through Tuition Assistance, Career Development will help pay for courses that you take at approved institutions. You can click on the links below to download the forms for Tuition Assistance:

Highlights of Tuition Assistance Includes

Funds may be used for tuition, required textbooks and course-related lab fees. Funds cannot be used to pay for materials, equipment, or supplies. You may receive a maximum of $2,500.00 per calendar year (January through December).

Tuition Assistance payments and reimbursements can be made for credit and non-credit courses taken at any approved school. Courses do not have to be job-related.

Tuition funds cannot be used to pay for courses you fail or drop/withdraw. You MUST submit a copy of your grade/certification of the completion to the Career Development Office upon completion of the course, to be eligible for any further Tuition Assistance Funds.

For reimbursement, you must show proof of payment and successful course completion.

Career Development has different providers in the area that are available for Tuition Assistance.

Once you have these forms downloaded, just fill them out and bring them into the Career Development Center.

 Click on links below to download and fill out necessary form:

Download Book Reimbursement form
Download Tuition Assistance form



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